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  1. First Published Book in English – The Dirty Harold

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    17. Juni 2018 von Sydney Polart ©

    In times of the World Cup, when football enthusiasts are waiting for great goals, another goal is reached, as my …

  2. My New Book: Der Schmutzige Harald

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    18. Dezember 2017 von Sydney Polart ©

    Meine Lieben, in dieser dunklen Stunde lass ich euch nicht allein! So kommt uns im Advent die Kunst zu Hilfe …

  3. Tracing Shakespeare

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    24. Februar 2016 von Sydney Polart ©

    Coming from BRIGHTON while considering WORTHING to be worth living, there it really felt like an intelligent idea to leave …

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Sydney Polart ©

Philosophy and Political Art published by Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann, Ritter (Knight of the Order of St. George. The European Order of the House of Habsburg-Lothringen) intends to provoke and trigger new ways of thinking and political change. TO READ MY ARTICLES go to: → Huffington Post USA: → Huffington Post GERMANY: → Der Freitag: → Deutsche Welle: → The Geopolitical Journal for Decision Makers: → The Copenhagen Post about me: As for my PUBLISHED BOOKS you get them in every bookstore and on Amazon: ★ WEITER-BILDUNGSMANAGEMENT: dp/1534904808/ ★ DER KREATIV-SINNBESTIMMTE MENSCH:ädagogische-philosophische-Untersuchung/dp/1534975462/ ★ DAS OFFENE SYSTEM UND SEINE FEINDE: ★ BEWUSSTSEINSENTWICKLUNG UND WELTKONSTRUKTION: ★★★ FURTHER BOOKS I like: ★ GESUND & VITAL AUS EIGENER KRAFT: ★ SPRACHE UND ABBILD:änge-TrainerInnen/dp/1530073731/ ★ KUNST ALS SPRACHE:

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