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  1. „Politische Korrektheit als Herrschaftsinstrument“ – My New Article Published on Huffington Post

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    28. September 2017 von Sydney Polart ©

    Anthony L. Solis via Getty Images

    Dear readers, my new article „Politische Korrektheit als Herrschaftsinstrument“ („Political Correctness as Instrument of Power“), published on HuffPost Germany/Munich, reflects …

  2. That’s my most recent article published on Huffington Post: „Wenn Demokratie zur Diktatur wird“

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    10. September 2017 von Sydney Polart ©

    Emma Espejo via Getty Images

    Dear readers, my latest article „Wenn Demokratie zur Diktatur wird“ on democratization, (corporate) power, authority of interpretation, and in the end censorship, …

  3. My Latest Article Published on HuffPost Germany: „Grenzen verschwimmen“

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    29. Mai 2017 von Sydney Polart ©

    „Grenzen verschwimmen“ (Blured Lines) is my latest published article on Huffington Post Germany, which is about individuality, tradition, local culture, …

  4. Knowledge Isn’t Power, Obviously

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    13. Januar 2017 von Sydney Polart ©

    It’s obvious that Sir Francis Bacon was very powerful and knowledgeable in saying ‚knowledge is power‘, but it’s even more …

  5. Ego-Trip

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    16. Oktober 2016 von Sydney Polart ©

    Je größer das Ego, desto geringer die Kompetenz. Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann – Center for Philosophy and Political Art –

  6. Think Out of the Box!

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    12. Januar 2016 von Sydney Polart ©

    ‚Think Out of the Box!‘ implicates that you have ever thought of such a thing like a box existing and to …

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