What is served in Hong Kong’s Shadow Empire

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30. April 2015 von Sydney Polart ©

Too many hours a day the Pongs work on the Wok, also unofficially after working hours. The family they work for bears the name Song, the powerful Song dynasty, which is in control of 80% of Hong Kong’s Shadow Empire. It’s head is the uber-influential Tong.

But the Pong family just bears the whole oppressive hierarchy and their almost slave existence in submission to the Tong due to their knowledge of the special spleen of the Tong. The Tong wishes to have his supper only when it’s pitch dark. Guess where the Tong got his name from: ‚The powerful Tong of the Shadow Empire‘.

So now this is what the Pong family takes advantage of: For their Tong they don’t put chicken with mushrooms into the Wok – as one would expect – but bare meat from an old weak bear – who himself had a lot to bear due to barley being bare-footed throughout his dancing life. This meat they serve together with magic mushrooms as a side dish, not long before it becomes dark for the Tong.

So their hope is that this meal they serve to the Tong will weaken him and provide the Tong a very special ride on the magic mushrooms, finishing him off. The hallucinations would do the rest and the Tong has an extreme ping and freaks out in the dark room.

As waiters standing besides the Tong they are waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the effect to come…tick tack…tick tack…

Finally it happens that the Tong freaks out abnormally and in the whole mess around the freaking out Tong, who starts seeing gore bears haunting him, immediately the guards rush to the Tong to assist him, and so somehow the gates stay open and the posts stay mostly unmanned and unwomaned.

So the Pong family comes free, manages to escape, and can flee!
Now in another country, under another name, the members of the former called Pong family pursues their careers as Ping Pong stars. And so as a matter of karma the ping they induced to the Tong still meets the Pong family in a certain way.

As they choose their new profession, somehow they cannot get rid of their family likeness (Familienähnlichkeit) completely, although their chosen trainer family, the Chows, are nice to them. And fortunately now they really like what they’re doing.

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

alias I.G. Fruhmann

Y 8:8; Y 7:14

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Sydney Polart ©

Sydney Polart ©

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