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22. Januar 2015 von Sydney Polart ©

Thank goodness! That ordinary Americans say ’sick‘ instead of ‚ill‘. Otherwise they would realize, how sick their center, their core has become and maybe always has been. It would come to light, how disenfranchising their whole system is, because you just have the opportunity to get a proper education, if you have already the adequate monetary background. Oh, and then there are the back doors to success, such as very good performance in sports or to get hold of a scholarship at a University noteworthy. All these are to be seen just as fig leafs to cover a sick system, which is not just limited to Illinois but ill and sick in general as well as disenfranchising the overwhelming majority in principle. And this system is sick in principle, because this system’s foundation is built on inequality and unfairness letting the uneducated majority, which is excluded from expensive higher education, believe, it would be all about equality and opportunity. But at least they have the freedom to accept this and their prospects in further being without prospects. This system is outdated even though the Founding Fathers may have found it to be new and clever. And this sick system is ill, because it segregates meticulously North from South, rich from poor, and along the color-line alike. This sick system is not just rampant in Sickago, ‚Ill’inois, it’s ill in general. It’s real in many major cities all across the USA. It’s a sink-whole, which swallows all opportunities letting the majority swallow, what the richest 1% let them believe seemingly successfully. And interestingly the ordinary Americans buy, what they are made believe: to have the best system in the world. Maybe, and it is just an assumption, the reason for this notion is, that ordinary Americans just buy this story from their overeducated elites they are indoctrinated by, because ordinary Americans are left out and kept away from universities and higher education through the selective criteria of high expenses and for the same reason ordinary Americans never leave America, nor imagine to assume that somewhere else there would be a better system than the sick system they are familiar with. The ordinary Americans just don’t know anything better nor are exposed to anything better. It’s just unthinkable for ordinary Americans to think of anything  other than they know. And so they are further kept away of further education and further development to a real equal and fair society. So they are further busy with being busy always just as much to never have enough time to reflect about their sick system. To speak with a modification of Platon’s allegory of the cave, they sit in the cave and have the sink-hole projected on the wall, just to interpret the shadows on the wall, which are  projections of the same system they inherited by their former colonial masters: The British. The Americans got rid of the British through the bloody War of Independence, but not of the British system, not of their sick system, which is nothing else than a disguised caste system deriving from a still existing monarchy with upper and lower houses, high church etc. In some way the USA inherited these structures from the UK and still both perpetuate those structures and pass this structural violence on from generation to generation for centuries now. It must be the ‚Common Wealth of Nations‘, right?! Or is it rather the common unfair structure leading to the ‚Common Fate of Disenfranchisement‘?

So everyone acts according to his/her knowledge. In other words: the basis for your actions is your knowledge, your understanding. The maxime is: I think, so I act.
And since ordinary Americans are excluded through high costs from noteworthy higher education, they are lacking not only of knowledge, but also of the understanding of another system, different to the system they have had ever since.

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann

alias I.G. Fruhmann

Y 8:8; Y 7:14


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