On the Fractionated Mind and the Power of Love

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10. Oktober 2014 von Sydney Polart ©

Nature is fragile and robust, calm and wild at the same time. It deserves to be protected. Humans are the same. They are vulnerable and strong in the same moment. They deserve to be protected.

But there are also those who oppose that statement: I am talking of those who think in the category of ‚either or‘ and doesn’t get the point of overcoming duality. And that is exactly what it is all about. Some people are so much used to think in dualities and therefore stay in duality, that they don’t understand the importance of thinking and living in unity. They are lost in duality.

And because these people seem to be sophisticated and competent in differentiating and defining the world as so called experts, they are bluffing so many of good will and eventually lead them into despair.

These kind of so called experts just know of duality and to live their lives staying in linear logical thinking. This imbalance of thinking and feeling is genuine to them and it is just possible because they lost their feeling, they lost their connection to their hearts. Since the quality of the heart is something not quantifiable, it is therefore irrelevant to them. They became experts stuck-up in mind, and successful in overcoming their heart, their sense for humanity.

The individuals I am speaking about might be experts to wordly things but they lost their most human quality, their ability to love. They traded in their humanity and got knowledge of the world in return. 

When they speak with fancy words it is just their disconnected fractioned mind expressing itself, and just words of knowledge leave their mouths, and not wisdom and certainly not love and compassion. They were not trained in these humane qualities.

In the contrary, for years those individuals have been trained within their university programs in not listening to their hearts, more so to ignore their hearts, to ignore themselves, and to ignore human qualities, since all of the mentioned qualities are subjective to them and not scientific. Those experts were trained in delearning humanity.

They receive their strength from their blind believe in their professors and in what they told  them to be true, since it is declared as objective ad definitionem. And yet all what these individuals have learned, all what they (believe to) know is without substance.

Those individuals lack of respect for human life and nature as a whole, and they lack of the respect for life itself in its full spectrum since they overestimate the importance of the mind they are so proud of. In their mechanical knowledge tranponed and spreading out on humans and their social life, which becomes determined and suppressed by this way of thinking, these experts are entrapped in scientific arrogance.

This is all what they have learned from their professors who themselves are out of touch, out of love, and lost in mind, just indoctrinating their students how to dissociate from themselves and from one another. This is what  these students and later experts are learning from their professors and what they were socialized by their anti-social environments: to become good copies of their professors in learning how to think without feeling, and to be ready and steady to conduct doubtable experiments to nature and animals, and therefore playing dice with all our futures for the sake of progress of hard science, the most hard-headed of all sciences. Or should I say they are putting our lives and kids futures at risk just for the sake of their own scientific careers? But also many economists are from the same kin and think and act anti-social with their functional, mechanical, linear logical,  fractionated mind dividing the people in quantifiable and fungible factors totally disconnected from humanity, human and social  qualities and sustainability.

They became experts in their fields, qualified in being super-rational, using their minds to differentiate and therefore divide the world and the people, and not to bring the world and the people together.

I don’t criticize these experts per se, but I do criticize how they act and how they are perceived by many people as if these experts were not just experts in their fields and in their labs but also in every other field of society. So I reject to transpone their mechanical and fractionated way of thinking, which is determined by their fields and work, onto social life and society in general.

Since, if we treat natural scientists with their mechanical way of thinking and their functional view points on society as experts on not just their fields but also as experts on any other field of society then how we could expect anything other than getting a more and more inhumane society ruled by mechanical thinking and functionality, and rationalization,  and based on the law of nature. If society relies on the expertise of natural science which has nature and its laws as well the law of nature in its immanent view then it results in a degeneration of social cohesion and ethical behavior to one another. And if we trust the expertise of those economists who are led in their thinking and actions by their genuine principle of social darwinism we are not better off. This much we should have learned from the latest economic crisis resulting in a devastating economic recession of global scale, the great recession.

It is these kind of scientific experts I am talking about, who are in their importance overemphasized by society, who are not used to see things together, and who are not used to think and act systemically nor sustainably. And unfortunately there are too many of them in charge. In an egotistical way they refer and rely on René Descartes‘ postulate ‚Cogito ergo sum‘ and overemphasize the importance of the mind and logic for society, just because its their genuine scientific domaine, and at the same time they smile at the quality of the heart and compassion in disdain and misunderstand the importance of social competence for social life and society in general. And often those experts, who disdain social qualities and regard these social competences as not important, lack of an social life and social qualities themselves.

It is obvious that in this cases there is a correlation between a nonexistent understanding for social life and its processes in the minds of these scientific experts on the one hand and the non-existence of their social competences resulting in their nonexistent social lives on the other hand.

And yet these experts pretend to know everything but they understand nothing. They are just competent in not understanding the meaning of being sociable, the meaning of love. Love is unity.

Love is the most tender and precious human quality and at the same time the strongest unifying quality of mankind. In the logic of unity 1 + 1 = not 2 but 3 plus. This is the phenomenon of emergence. This is the power of life. This is the power of love.

Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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