Puttin‘ down Putin „the Russian bear“


29. April 2014 von Sydney Polart ©

When we look at Putin’s behavior and how drastically it hurts the Russian economy by now, it seems that Putin suffers from the Napoleonic complex, which enables him not to realize how deep in the red he already is, such as the horrific maniac Hitler. Obviously, working on an new Great Russia, Putin in his megalomania thinks it’s not enough to oppress his own people but it is necessary to reach out and antagonize the whole world. Putin thinks his behavior strengthens his position in the world and domestically, and he will come away with it by defeating all the other nations just with his über-ego. Besides lagging behind the world’s leading nations in economical regards, Putin doesn’t even have an advantage when it comes to military and weapons. The worst he holds in his hand is a galore of nuclear warheads, but these many nations in the world also have by now. If Putin decides to use them, so if that unspeakable most extreme really happens, we don’t have to worry much about it because it will be „quick and dirty“. So Putin, with half of his brain still working, knows that, and so he has neither a militarily nor an economically, nor another advantage over his world’s opponents. History shows that the strategy of making the whole world an enemy has never worked out, neither in case of Napoleon, nor in case of Hitler, and so on, and especially then when you don’t have an advantage in allies or military. So it won’t work out this time for Putin either.

The reason for that is that despite all their competitiveness and rivalry, which exists amongst the nations of the free world, in times like these, the whole free world joins together in effort to bring down Putin, who acts irresponsibly and unpredictably against their interests. And the „funny“ thing about it is, in his superiority complex Putin lacks drastically to estimate his situation correctly. So he doesn’t realize that his days are numbered and his supporting people will drop him in the minute when he doesn’t keep what he promised to them. To be more specific: Putin’s efforts are only supported by his followers, as long as he makes them more wealthy and as long it is beneficial to their cultural identity and their image in the world. And what is happening while we speak is, that the influential people surrounding Putin suffer from the world’s economic and political sanctions dramatically, provoked by the ego-trip of Putin. So since it is neither in the interest of the influential Russians surrounding Putin to loose money nor to be isolated, nor a rise in food prices is acceptable for the ordinary people on Russian streets, Putin „the Russian bear“ gone wild is starting to no longer be bearable and so Putin is at best a living anachronism. Putin has in common with all the current despotic sociopathic personality types such as Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan or a young one from the old times Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, that they ridiculously assume they can oppress their people and make the whole free world an enemy and come away with it. But history shows they are not more than dead men walking…

Sydney Polart
published by
Dr. Dr. Immanuel Fruhmann


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